Microscreed to Raised Access Flooring

Imagine a lightweight material that could be used to form a seamless concrete floor and be applied to existing raised access flooring in commercial environments.  A seamless and lightweight alternative to polished concrete flooring.

SEB Bank

Microscreed makes this a reality and it has already been successfully installed over raised access flooring at two high profile projects in London.

The new SEB Bank offices by St Paul’s Cathedral and at Octopus Investments new offices at 33 Holborn.

Octopus Investments




Working with our approved contractor Floored Genius we have solved the problem by bringing together three specialist flooring products.

  • Dry screed boards
  • An elastomeric base layer
  • Solacir Interiors Microscreed




In the past contractors have tried to achieve this by using marine ply as a sub base, but timber is a living product and it will shrink and expand with time, changes in temperature and the day to day movement experienced by a floor. This results in cracks and jointlines reflecting through where the timber boards meet.

Our unique configuration ensures that a seamless finish is retained through the life of the floor, free of cracks or visible jointlines.

Step 1 – Preparation of the substrate and installation of boards

Dry Screed Boards


Step 2 – Installation of an elastomeric base layer

Elastomeric Base Layer

Step 3 – Installation of the Solacir Interiors Microscreed

Microscreed Installation