The Best of Both Worlds

The Architects on this London project, Bureau De Change, decided to make use of both our MC Poured resin floor and Solacir®Interiors Microscreed to create this unique floor.

As their director Billy Mavaropolous explains “The boundary of the kitchen is marked graphically, by a transition into rich monochromatic blue that floods the surfaces of the space, including its resin floor. The concrete appears to force its way into the kitchen’s footprint, creating a pathway around which the resin floor wraps”

This floor was installed by approved contractor Floored Genius and shows off the versatility of the Solacir®Interiors Microscreed which can be applied to the floor and also the kitchen island, to give a seamless feature.



Revolutionary Cycle Ramp Into London’s Alphabeta Building

MC Surfaces have been involved with London’s first “cycle-in office”; the Alphabeta Building, which is nine storey, 220,000 square foot refurbished building located between Shoreditch and the City of London.

Designed by the Architects Studio RHE, the Alphabeta Building (formerly known as Triton Court) is intended to connect Tech City with The City of London, and is intended to attract tenants from the tech, media, digital and finance sectors.

Originally home to more traditional City and finance firms, the refurbishment has brought some Hipster-style office perks to the building, including a basketball court. The signature feature is the steel ramp that allows workers to cycle straight through the open front door, through the lobby area and then down to the basement where bike racks await.

alphabeta-building bike ramp

Not only were MC Surfaces involved with the surfacing of the novel bike ramp (widely believed to be a world first, not just a London one), but it was involved with the wider refurbishment of the Atrium area too.


This iconic building in Finsbury Square was completely remodelled by Galliford Try PLC in a contact worth £36 million. The internal ground floor was initially a mish-mash of bonded and unbounded screeds and concrete. The floor was also at different levels, with numerous joints and cracks all over its surface. MC Surfaces had to both repair and then repair the floor prior to a flat and level seamless Microscreed surface being put in place.

MC Surfaces is the exclusive UK user of Microscreed, part of the Solacir Interiors range. Microscreed is a natural mineral material, it is water, rather than chemical based and it combines cement with polymers to give a tough, but flexible surface. This was the material we used throughout our work on the Alphabeta Building.

Microscreed is applied to interior, horizontal or vertical surfaces, and these produce beautiful artisan finishes on walls and floors. It can even be applied to furniture. Each project is bespoke and unique in both colour and effect, and Microscreed’s versatility allows Architects and designers to create beautiful modern seamless design features to walls and floors.

You can see more imagery of our work at the Alphabeta Bulding over on our Pinterest account.

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The Goodlife Eatery

Another tasty location to visit if you are interested in seeing a Solacir®Interiors Microscreed floor.

The Goodlife Eatery

The Goodlife Eatery on Sloane Avenue, serve good old fashioned, freshly made food and live by the dictum “keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it fresh”.

Solacir®Interiors Microscreed fits perfectly with their philosophy, installed by hand by approved contractor Floored Genius, this water based, flooring, is seamless, hygienic and its raw concrete look perfectly compliments the interior design of the eatery.



Toms’ New London Store

Solacir Interiors’ Microscreed was recently specified for the flooring finish at Toms’ new London flagship store by Carnaby Street.

The brief was for a polished concrete finish, but to an existing suspended floor configuration. Only Solacir Interiors Microscreed has the tensile strength to overlay a suspended floor, whilst retaining the authenticity of a concrete floor. Floored Genius, one of our approved contractors undertook the work and the results are stunning.

Toms Shoe Store



Microscreed to Raised Access Flooring

Imagine a lightweight material that could be used to form a seamless concrete floor and be applied to existing raised access flooring in commercial environments.  A seamless and lightweight alternative to polished concrete flooring.

SEB Bank

Microscreed makes this a reality and it has already been successfully installed over raised access flooring at two high profile projects in London.

The new SEB Bank offices by St Paul’s Cathedral and at Octopus Investments new offices at 33 Holborn.

Octopus Investments




Working with our approved contractor Floored Genius we have solved the problem by bringing together three specialist flooring products.

  • Dry screed boards
  • An elastomeric base layer
  • Solacir Interiors Microscreed




In the past contractors have tried to achieve this by using marine ply as a sub base, but timber is a living product and it will shrink and expand with time, changes in temperature and the day to day movement experienced by a floor. This results in cracks and jointlines reflecting through where the timber boards meet.

Our unique configuration ensures that a seamless finish is retained through the life of the floor, free of cracks or visible jointlines.

Step 1 – Preparation of the substrate and installation of boards

Dry Screed Boards


Step 2 – Installation of an elastomeric base layer

Elastomeric Base Layer

Step 3 – Installation of the Solacir Interiors Microscreed

Microscreed Installation