Sustainable Seamless Flooring

We are delighted to be working with Eurocol to bring Liquid Design a seamless, sustainable, alternative to poured resin flooring to the UK market.

This innovative product uses a  combination of cork, wood dust, linseed oil and bio polymers, to create a poured floor that doesn’t cost the earth.

Over the coming months we will be working with clients,  Architects and designers who care about the future to see how this sustainable product can help decision makers improve their decision making and lessen the impact of seamless flooring on the environment.

Liquid Design




Free Samples for Lupus Awareness

Did you know that October is Lupus Awareness month ?

We are often asked for samples by prospective clients, designers and Architects and we always try and oblige, but because we work with seamless, hand crafted materials, each and every sample is carefully made using the same process as it takes to install a floor. So we have to apply primers, base layers, colour coats and sealers, it literally takes days.

As such it is often necessary to charge for these items.

At MC Surfaces we have decided to waiver the charge for these items and we’re giving you the opportunity to #payitforward and instead make a donation to Lupus UK via our JustGiving page.

For more information on what we’re doing for Lupus see our previous blog.

Standard colour samples are available for most of our product ranges

Solacir®Interiors Microscreed

Solacir®Interiors Coulis

MC Poured Resin Solo

Please note that we have limited availability of colours, so bespoke colours or large format samples may require a larger donation.

Thank you very much for your support.






Lupus Awareness

Well here we are in September….the end of another Summer and the beginning of a new football season. Here’s something that you maybe didn’t know….. October is ‘Lupus Awareness’ month.

Lupus is an invisible illness and it’s likely that someone you know, maybe go to school with or work alongside has this condition, but you may have been unaware of the effect it has on their lives. By making people more aware of lupus we can help control its impact

MC Surfaces want to help and along with the boys of Holton Road AFC U13s have found a way to get the Lupus message in front of a new crowd.

Holton Road AFC U13s play in the Vale of Glamorgan Junior League and are renowned not just for their stylish football but also for their red shirts, but this October they are replacing their red shirts and instead promoting the #purplebutterfly logo of Lupus UK on a white shirt.

So what is Lupus ?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. An incurable condition of the immune system.
This means that our immune system which normally protects us by fighting harmful cells and tissues becomes overactive. It not only attacks harmful cells but also our healthy cells and tissues and in turn can attack any organ in the body.

5 Facts you probably didn’t know about Lupus

  • There is no known cause or cure for Lupus
  • 5 million people worldwide suffer from Lupus.
  • Lupus can affect anyone but 90% of sufferers are female
  • At least 75 percent of people with Lupus have arthritis and skin rashes
  • Lupus can effect the functioning of any organ system in the body i.e kidneys, heart, lungs, skin and joints


Make a Donation at our Just Giving Page

Or you can help by spreading the word, sharing your new found knowledge and following Lupus UK on social media.

Sharing your story #thisislupus

Oh and lastly don’t forget to wish the boys good luck for the season, but especially in October.



Microscreed Training Programme

We are preparing a new programme of Microscreed training courses for flooring companies and individuals to learn the skills and techniques to become an approved installer of Solacir®Interiors Microscreed.

This versatile material is manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies and MC Surfaces are the exclusive UK distributor and provider of technical support and training.

Register your interest today to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to become an approved installer

MC Surfaces Trowel




The Best of Both Worlds

The Architects on this London project, Bureau De Change, decided to make use of both our MC Poured resin floor and Solacir®Interiors Microscreed to create this unique floor.

As their director Billy Mavaropolous explains “The boundary of the kitchen is marked graphically, by a transition into rich monochromatic blue that floods the surfaces of the space, including its resin floor. The concrete appears to force its way into the kitchen’s footprint, creating a pathway around which the resin floor wraps”

This floor was installed by approved contractor Floored Genius and shows off the versatility of the Solacir®Interiors Microscreed which can be applied to the floor and also the kitchen island, to give a seamless feature.



Football Sponsorship

MC Surfaces have Sponsored Holton Road AFC’s U12s football team this season.

As you can see below the boys are very pleased with their new kit as they get ready for a new season.

Best of luck !

HRAFC 2016




Surface Design Show 2016

We are looking forward to exhibiting our new Design Collection at this year’s Surface Design Show. Once again we will have our ‘cube’ on the SCIN Gallery stand, so we should be easy to find.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Beatriz Assumpcao a Brazilian resin artist whose knowledge of the characteristics and aesthetic possibilities of poured resin and decorative concrete products, gives a unique starting point for future project design.

We will be showcasing our poured resin and Microscreed flooring, but this year with Beatriz’s artistic flair.








Revolutionary Cycle Ramp Into London’s Alphabeta Building

MC Surfaces have been involved with London’s first “cycle-in office”; the Alphabeta Building, which is nine storey, 220,000 square foot refurbished building located between Shoreditch and the City of London.

Designed by the Architects Studio RHE, the Alphabeta Building (formerly known as Triton Court) is intended to connect Tech City with The City of London, and is intended to attract tenants from the tech, media, digital and finance sectors.

Originally home to more traditional City and finance firms, the refurbishment has brought some Hipster-style office perks to the building, including a basketball court. The signature feature is the steel ramp that allows workers to cycle straight through the open front door, through the lobby area and then down to the basement where bike racks await.

alphabeta-building bike ramp

Not only were MC Surfaces involved with the surfacing of the novel bike ramp (widely believed to be a world first, not just a London one), but it was involved with the wider refurbishment of the Atrium area too.


This iconic building in Finsbury Square was completely remodelled by Galliford Try PLC in a contact worth £36 million. The internal ground floor was initially a mish-mash of bonded and unbounded screeds and concrete. The floor was also at different levels, with numerous joints and cracks all over its surface. MC Surfaces had to both repair and then repair the floor prior to a flat and level seamless Microscreed surface being put in place.

MC Surfaces is the exclusive UK user of Microscreed, part of the Solacir Interiors range. Microscreed is a natural mineral material, it is water, rather than chemical based and it combines cement with polymers to give a tough, but flexible surface. This was the material we used throughout our work on the Alphabeta Building.

Microscreed is applied to interior, horizontal or vertical surfaces, and these produce beautiful artisan finishes on walls and floors. It can even be applied to furniture. Each project is bespoke and unique in both colour and effect, and Microscreed’s versatility allows Architects and designers to create beautiful modern seamless design features to walls and floors.

You can see more imagery of our work at the Alphabeta Bulding over on our Pinterest account.

To find out more about MC Surfaces, please follow us on Twitter, ‘like’ us on Facebook or get in touch by sending an e-mail to



MC Surfaces at Construction Week UK

MC Surfaces will be at Construction Week UK, which is taking place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham between Tuesday 6th October and Sunday 11th October 2015.

We will be exhibiting at both the Surface Materials Show and Grand Designs Live Show, looking to meet existing and new clients to discuss their flooring needs.


For the Surface Materials Show, we will be on the SCIN Stand. SCIN are a materials sourcing and advisory gallery based in Clerkenwell, London, at which MC Surfaces also has a permanent display. SCIN are always on the lookout for new materials that will inspire architects and designers in their work.


The Surface Materials Show will promotes the latest surface and material solutions that are available for specifiers, developers and industry professionals, who are looking for that cutting edge innovation in the materials sector that will set them apart from their competitors. Both SCIN and MC Surfaces can provide that edge.


MC Surfaces is based in Barry, South Wales, and we look to develop and promote the most attractive and ingenious seamless surfaces that are available to those who are involved within the construction sector across both the UK and Ireland.


Our methodology is to specify the right flooring that will complement a building’s design or would be the most appropriate material for the intended use of the floor in question. We have already built long term, lasting relationships with approved contractors, and we ensure that only experienced installers work with our products and with our clients


MC Surfaces are also the exclusive distributor for Grace Construction’s Solacir® Interiors decorative concrete products. Of particular note is Solacir® Interiors’ thin profile, lightweight, Microscreed, which is a versatile alternative to polished concrete surfaces. Unlike concrete, Microscreed can be applied to almost any surface including screeds, timber floors and even over existing tiled floors or plastered walls.


In addition to the Surface Materials Show (which takes place only between Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th October), MC Surfaces will have its own stand at the Grand Design Live show, which is also being held at the NEC between the 8th and 11th October.


Grand Designs Live is the UK’s top contemporary home show and is based on the hugely popular Channel 4 series. Grand Designs Live is also presented by design guru Kevin McCloud. Grand Designs’ TV host. This exhibition is aimed at those individuals who are looking to gain all the advice, inspiration and materials needed to realise their dream home or building. MC Surfaces would love to help make their dreams come true.


MC Surfaces will be found on our stand L20 at Grand Design Live, but we are happy to meet people at either show.


If you would like to book an appointment to see us in advance, please e-mail


You can also follow MC Surfaces on Twitter (via @MCsurfaces) as well as on Facebook and Pinterest, where you can find many examples of our past work for clients such as Harrods and SEB Bank.


We look forward to being part of these two exciting events, and we hope to see you there. Please be sure to come by both the SCIN and MC Surfaces stands to say ‘Hello’.



The Goodlife Eatery

Another tasty location to visit if you are interested in seeing a Solacir®Interiors Microscreed floor.

The Goodlife Eatery

The Goodlife Eatery on Sloane Avenue, serve good old fashioned, freshly made food and live by the dictum “keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it fresh”.

Solacir®Interiors Microscreed fits perfectly with their philosophy, installed by hand by approved contractor Floored Genius, this water based, flooring, is seamless, hygienic and its raw concrete look perfectly compliments the interior design of the eatery.