Lupus Awareness

Well here we are in September….the end of another Summer and the beginning of a new football season. Here’s something that you maybe didn’t know….. October is ‘Lupus Awareness’ month.

Lupus is an invisible illness and it’s likely that someone you know, maybe go to school with or work alongside has this condition, but you may have been unaware of the effect it has on their lives. By making people more aware of lupus we can help control its impact

MC Surfaces want to help and along with the boys of Holton Road AFC U13s have found a way to get the Lupus message in front of a new crowd.

Holton Road AFC U13s play in the Vale of Glamorgan Junior League and are renowned not just for their stylish football but also for their red shirts, but this October they are replacing their red shirts and instead promoting the #purplebutterfly logo of Lupus UK on a white shirt.

So what is Lupus ?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. An incurable condition of the immune system.
This means that our immune system which normally protects us by fighting harmful cells and tissues becomes overactive. It not only attacks harmful cells but also our healthy cells and tissues and in turn can attack any organ in the body.

5 Facts you probably didn’t know about Lupus

  • There is no known cause or cure for Lupus
  • 5 million people worldwide suffer from Lupus.
  • Lupus can affect anyone but 90% of sufferers are female
  • At least 75 percent of people with Lupus have arthritis and skin rashes
  • Lupus can effect the functioning of any organ system in the body i.e kidneys, heart, lungs, skin and joints


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Or you can help by spreading the word, sharing your new found knowledge and following Lupus UK on social media.

Sharing your story #thisislupus

Oh and lastly don’t forget to wish the boys good luck for the season, but especially in October.