Microscreed PT 

Our Italian manufacturer and supplier Ideal Work have developed this innovative power trowelled micro concrete to create an authentic, lightweight concrete floor that not only looks like the real thing but is as hard as concrete.

This robust Italian material offers the “brutalist” charm of industrial concrete with the style of a designer floor. The power floated finish ensures a dense and strong surface with a lightweight micro concrete.

Microscreed PT is a blend of cement and other ingredients which, with an applied depth of just 3-4 mm, allows you to overcome the thickness and weight limits of traditional polished concrete, whilst maintaining its beauty and robustness.

The concept of Microscreed PT allows the client great flexibility in colour and design options: it is supplied in a range of 29 standard colours which, combined with the characteristic cloud effect (trowel patterns) typical of aged concrete, provides an almost endless range of finishes. Like polished concrete, it can be treated with coloured chemical stains to obtain even more original and exclusive aesthetic finishes

Microscreed PT flooring can be applied directly on top of existing tiles, over raised access flooring or directly on to new or existing screeds.