Coulis Concrete

Solacir Interiors’ Coulis Concrete flooring is a great alternative for uneven substrates and in commercial environments that require a robust, but decorative polished concrete look.

Coulis Concrete flooring is self levelling and used to create a lightly polished concrete without exposed aggregate look, Coulis Concrete flooring can be tinted to a variety of colours to express an individual design.

Coulis Concrete flooring can be applied at thickness of 6mm to 10mm on existing or new screeds and concrete slabs and offers numerous advantages. It can correct uneven floors, repair damaged concrete, and provide a smooth, durable and decorative new surface requiring no further finishing, unlike traditional self-leveling screeds which serve a purely utilitarian purpose as an underlayment or corrective measure.

Inspired from industrial flooring Coulis Concrete flooring is tough enough for most commercial environments in public or private environments. This long lasting material will resist everyday stains and abrasions.